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TikTok Celebrity Gym Trainer Mohit Mor Shot Dead In Nazafgarh Delhi

TikTok Celebrity Gym Trainer Mohit Mor

Three men from the scooter shot TikTok celebrity gym trainer Mohit Mor dead at 5.16 PM in Nazafgarh area Delhi. Criminals fired 13 rounds out of which 7 hit the gym trainer. Mohit Mor, 27, died on the spot. Local police reached the spot, on the statement of the friend. The case has been registered under the sections of murder charges. According to the police, the case is looking for the money transactions or personal grievances. Police has recovered the CCTV footage from the shop and investigating from every possible angle. Mohit Mor was a famous TikTok celebrity and he has 5.17 lakh followers and 3 thousand followers on Instagram.  

CCTV Captured incidents

The police team reached the spot and seized the footage of the CCTV cameras near the shop and started the investigation. During the investigation, it has been revealed that all the three miscreants came in white colored skutts. But as the street was small, all the three skyscrapers parked on the main street and walked in the street. Where he saw Mohit in the shop, he started shooting at him. After committing the incident, the three accused reached the pedestrian ski and fled.

TikTok Celebrity Mohit Mor

Mohit has 5.17 million followers on the social site Tik Tok. As Mohit’s friends believed, Mohit used to be a gym trainer and singing was very good. Mohit often used to make his songs and other videos and put them on a tick-talk. Because of being very active on the Tik Tok , people used to like it and kept connected with it. This is why he has 5.17 on his tick-talk and 3 thousand followers on the instagram.

Case of mutual investigation in initial investigation

According to the team investigating the matter, Mohit has no criminal and no criminal record. After initial investigation, Mohit was murdered by money transactions or with love for the girl. At present, Mohit’s call records are being investigated in addition to interrogation of police and friends of Mohit. From which it can be ascertained that Mohit Mor was currently in touch with whom?

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